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Network Visibility Importance

The complexity of modern enterprise networks is increasing due to a number of factors, and deeper levels of network visibility are necessary to aid in their management and troubleshooting. In a survey more than two-thirds of respondents stated that they expect the number of requests to capture network data (including metadata and packet-level data) to increase dramatically, driven by the …

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Napatech PTP Support Simplifies Time Synchronization

COPENHAGEN, Denmark — Napatech, the world’s largest vendor of intelligent adapters for network monitoring and analysis, today provided details on the upcoming release of onboard PTP support on Napatech 1G and 10G adapters.

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Napatech Boosts Mobile Network Visibility

Copenhagen-based Napatech has unveiled new tunneling protocol support designed to provide increased visibility for the monitoring and management of mobile networks. The new tunneling protocol support will perform flow identification and intelligent distribution based on the contents of tunnels rather than on the tunnel itself. Mobile subscriber traffic is transported in tunnels, such as GTP, through the core network. It …

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