Napatech Boosts Mobile Network Visibility

Copenhagen-based Napatech has unveiled new tunneling protocol support designed to provide increased visibility for the monitoring and management of mobile networks.
The new tunneling protocol support will perform flow identification and intelligent distribution based on the contents of tunnels rather than on the tunnel itself. Mobile subscriber traffic is transported in tunnels, such as GTP, through the core network. It is therefore important to monitor and analyze the contents of tunnels and base management decisions on this information, Napatech said.
“Our equipment vendor customers need to analyze all data on the mobile network to build a picture of what is happening,” said Erik Norup, president and CMO, Napatech. “To do this effectively at high speed, the data to be analyzed needs to be distributed amongst the available processing resources in the standard server. Distributing based on tunnel information is not enough, as there is a huge mix of different applications with different quality of service requirements transported in tunnels. Distribution needs to be based on the contents of tunnels. Now we can offer this capability.”
Napatech will provide support for GPLS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) and IP-in-IP tunneling for both IPv4 and IPv6 networks. The tunneling support features will be available in April.