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Change Your Monitoring Habits

Companies are continuing to migrate their server infrastructure to the cloud. While the cloud is great for many reasons – slashing CapEx while reducing OpEx and increasing access – it can pose a challenge for admins. The cost of cloud doesn’t stop at migration, because, while cloud providers provide data center uptime, the burden of uptime for your service still falls on you.
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Network Monitoring Essential Guide

Network monitoring systems and network testing technologies have evolved greatly over time, offering more automation, more ways to test servers and systems, and more ways to alert network administrators, sysadmins and IT managers of problems with the network and internal systems.
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Computer Emergency Response Team

One of the foundational principles behind most organizations’ network security practices is still “defense in depth,” which is implemented using a variety of security controls and monitoring at different locations in an organization’s networks and systems. As part of a defense-in-depth strategy, it has become commonplace for organizations to build enterprise security operations centers (SOCs) that rely in part on monitoring the extremely large volumes of network traffic at the perimeter of their networks.
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Introduction to Packet Sniffing

Its a cruel irony in information security that many of the features that make using computers easier or more efficient and the tools used to protect and secure the network can also be used to exploit and compromise the same computers and networks. This is the case with packet sniffing.
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Packet Analysis & Forensics

Blogs by various industry leading experts on how you can analyze network packet and exract useful and valid inforamtion to achieve more security for the network.
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Security Bloggers Network

The Security Bloggers Network is the largest collection of information security focused blogs and podcasts in the world. Of the almost 300 different blogs and podcasts included, each one has requested to be included in the aggregated feed. We do not include any blog or podcast feed without the authors permission and request.
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WinPcap: Remote Capture

WinPcap is an open source library for packet capture and network analysis for the Win32 platforms.
The purpose of WinPcap is to give this kind of access to Win32 applications; it provides facilities to:
1.capture raw packets, both the ones destined to the machine where it’s running and the ones exchanged by other hosts (on shared media)
2.filter the packets according to user-specified rules before dispatching them to the application
3.transmit raw packets to the network
4.gather statistical information on the network traffic
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SNMP Introduction & Concepts

SNMP stands for Simple Network Management Protocol.It was created in 1988. The purpose of its creation was to manage a growing number of network elements in a computer network. Slowly, this protocol started becoming popular and it forms the basis of network management today.This article is the first part on our ongoing series on SNMP.
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Visibility and SDN

With SDN rollouts set to kick into high gear in the coming months, a key question remains: how are admins going to maintain control over a highly dynamic network architecture that can span multiple regions, providers and platforms?
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Paessler to Demonstrate New PRTG Network Monitor Capabilities at Interop NYC, Launching New Mobile App Push-Notification Feature

Paessler, provider of the industry’s most powerful, affordable and easy-to-use network monitoring and testing solutions, today announced that the company will demonstrate new features of its flagship PRTG Network Monitor product at the upcoming Interop Conference & Expo in New York City at the Jacob Javits Convention Center.
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SpectorSoft Announces Free Disk Monitoring Software

VERO BEACH, FL–(Marketwired – Sep 24, 2014) – SpectorSoft™, a leader in the user activity monitoring and analysis market, today announced availability of SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor™, a set of capabilities formerly only available for purchase within the proven SpectorSoft Server Manager software product. SpectorSoft FREE Disk Monitor provides small IT teams a convenient dashboard for monitoring disk space and ensuring resource availability across all their network storage resources.Read More