Management Team

The management team at Netafore is a group of experienced technologists interested in delivering solutions that can truly solve customer problems. Our team has delivered over 15 different products with more than two decades of experience.

Sushil Goyal

Sushil Goyal is the Managing Director, VP of Engineering and Co-Founder of Netafore. Sushil brings more than 15 years of experience in Data Centers. Prior to Netafore, Sushil was the Chief Technical Architect at Nevis Networks, India. Sushil led the team responsible for developing ground breaking security technologies at Nevis. Prior to Nevis, Sushil was the Lead Technical Architect of the industry dominating and hugely successful Catalyst 6500 Switching Platform at Cisco. Sushil has led various sizes of technical teams over the last 10+ years. He has numerous patents to his name.

Sushil is responsible for starting and developing Netafore in India and US. He has grown the business starting with a single product focused in Data Center Networking to scaling the business into Data Center Solutions. Sushil is based out of Pune, India and is responsible for managing engineering aspects of all solutions at Netafore.