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Netafore’s NetOcean Network Probes are designed to capture, time-stamp, store and analyze network traffic.They take advantage of latest CPU architecture suited for high-speed packet inspection, high-density monitoring, high speed write-to-disk and deep storage,data mining and analytics applications. Also optimized to record, analyze and replay everything including applications, ports, users, services and sessions to investigators.
  • Enterprise Network Monitoring
  • Financial High Frequency Trading Marketing
  • Successful Roll-outs By Telcos
  • Deeper Insights for CEM
  • Network Bottleneck Identification
  • Latency Identification & Security Threats
  • APM & NPM

“Netafore is the leading provider of high performance network and application performance monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting solution for the ultra-fast next generation data networks. Netafore helps organizations in getting insights and visualize the vital information of their IP networks to deliver high uptime and minimize service degradation. Deeper visibility into performance matrices helps to make timely and informed decisions to avoid any network failure or service degradation and delivering superior and consistent customer experience. It also aids in root cause analysis in case of service failures in most precise and faster manner. Netafore offers a customer centric view of the network rather than traditional infrastructure centric view.”